About Us

So you want to know more about us huh?  Great!  We would be honored to formally introduce ourselves.
Zatorie is an organization that set out to change the invitation industry standard.  When paper has dominated the market for so long, we have fought to upgrade the way invitations are received, and perceived!  We don’t believe invitations should be a throw-away item, it should be a beautiful keepsake memory for those special events.  After all, our motto IS- Don’t be noticed, be remembered!
Our background in acrylics dates back ten years, so we are well versed in the -creating an awe-inspiring masterpiece with the utmost quality- sector.  We believe in building a strong reputation for having unsurpassed quality, so we use the best material and craftsmanship there is.  Our company took many years to launch because of our -perfectionist- standard. 
We know that it’s easy to just become another “order confirmation” for all those streamlined invitations website, so we pride ourselves in treating our customers with the attention and quality they deserve.  After all, we can clearly see (pun intended) you have some pretty high standards!  We would be delighted to meet, if not, surpass your standards and expectations!
When our founder took it upon herself to ask her family owned trophy company to create a special  wedding invitation on a piece of acrylic, she was floored at the beauty of the end result.  And so were her guests!  After receiving endless compliments, and guests which went on to store the wedding invitation as a fond memory, she knew she had to make something of it.  After meticulously sourcing the right designs, applications, machinery, and countless hours of perfecting, Zatorie was born! 
Her hope was to open the doors of possibility for one and all to obtain access in creating an impressive invitation, that’s sure to stand out!